Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So here in Massachusetts we've had some cold weather, and I just recently got a really short hair cut (not completely my choice, but hair will grow back!) So I decided to make an ear warmer for myself and I found a great pattern in Crochet One-Skein Wonders Ed. Judith Durant & Edie Eckman, pp-177-179.
ISBN: 978-1-61212-042-3. $18.95. I got it at The Christmas Tree Shop

So, I used a bulky weight yarn, so I stopped increasing at 15 stitches accross, and even then it still came out pretty wide. If you use a worsted weight (4) I suggest you still may want to stop at a row of 15 or 17 stitches if you don't want it too wide. Two of my sisters liked it so much that they asked me to make them one. One asked for on in Simply Soft and the other in homespun, but both asked for them to be skinnier, and sadly no flower :(

What is really great about this pattern is that it has a button at the back so you can easily get it on & off. It goes easier on hair styles, too, since it doesn't cause static electricity or having to slip your hair through anything.

Anyone else find a great ear warmer pattern?
Please share!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

OK, so I said that I would post the pattern I used and doctored for an ear warmer that fits over a ball cap, so here it is:

Ball Cap Ear Warmer

G or H hook
When using Simply Soft yarn or similar yarn, I felt 13 stitches for the split rows was enough to fit over the brim of a ball cap.

Remember: if you want to increase or decrease the opening for the brim of the ball cap, always do an ODD number of rows so you can do the joining row so it stays in the pattern for the BLO.

Also, a great way to determine if you need to increase or decrease the number of full rows to do before and after the split rows is to measure the baseball cap that fits the person you are making it for. You want the opening to stretch, but the rest of the ear warmer should fit, but not be stretched out.

Abbreviations: ch= chain    sc= single crochet    st= stitch   sl st= slip stitch
BLO= back loop only   FO= finish off


Ch 17

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across. ch 1, turn (16sc)

Row 2-22: Sc in BLO in each sc across, ch1, turn. DO NOT FO!

For split rows:

Row 23: Sc in BLO in next 10 sc, ch1, turn

Rows 24-36 Sc in BLO in next 10 sc, ch1, turn.

Row 37: Sc in BLO in next 10 sc then FO.

Go back to Row 23: attach yarn in BLO in the 11th stitch and sc in the same stitch and the next 5, in the BLO, so that you are continuing the same pattern in that row. Ch1 and turn.

Continue the pattern as before, only in sts 11-16

Row 38: Sc in BLO of all the sc in order to join the split rows. Ch1, turn (16 sc)

Rows 39-60: Sc in BLO in each sc across, ch 1, turn.

Sc, sl st, or sew ends together.

The ear warmer on the ball cap is made with Simply Soft. The black one is my first attempt and was made with Homespun. I crocheted an R on the front by ataching with a sl st at the bottom, ch 3, attach w/sl st, ch 3 attach w/ sl st., turn, chain 2, attach w' sl st, ch 2, attach w/ sl st, ch 3, attach w/ sl st & FO. pull through to other side and tie ends and weave in.You can do a similar pattern to make any letter- just figure out the shape as you go. Make the letter bigger by adding more chains between each sl st. This is such an easy way to do monograms!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recent projects

Hi there!

I've been quite busy! I made a couple of ear warmer headbands for  a person to wear over a ballcap. The pattern I used seemed to need a few alterations, so I will post the pics and the altered pattern at another time.

I also found the most cute pattern for adding a crochet beard to a hat. OMG!!! I made a size small and I started a medium last night. The pictures are so funny!!! Here's the link for the pattern:

I've decided to make some for family as a gag gift. They are soo easy to make, and for anyone, it can be a fun and warm addition to any hat. I was thinking of making them detachable by adding buttons or velcro. I'll update you on what I did, and of course, take pics!!!

As for the hats, I was thinking of making some on the knitting looms and adding stripes with the yarn I used for the beards. OH, I didn't want to spend $4+ for the Vanna Glamour, plus the store didn't have the color I wanted. Vanna Glamour is a 2 weight, and I had a hard time finding other yarns of the same weight at AC Moore. I finally found a bag of mill ends that was the color I wanted and a simmilar weight (they aren't listed, so I had to eyeball it) It seems to have paid off! I have enough yarn for many beards and to add stripes to hats, and it cost me $6.99. Sometimes, AC Moore and Michael's Crafts with sell mill ends and you can guess what brand they probably came from, such as Simply Soft or Lily & Cream. They sometimes even do a deal for the mill ends, so I love to buy these 1 lb bags when they go on sale for 2 for $10. I wanted to get this project done, so I bought it at the regular price, but still, a pound for $6.99 is still a great deal!!!

Well, lunch break is over, so I'll be adding to this later this evning or tomorrow so you can have some pics and that pattern for the earwarmer.

Happy crafting!

Friday, November 1, 2013


I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! I decided to get a little dressed up for work. I chose a poncho that I crocheted a few years ago with Lion Brand Homespun in black. I bought the hat from a crafter last Fall. I think the skeleton earings were a nice touch! :)

Once I find it, I'll post the book title where I got the pattern for the poncho.

Happy crafting!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Good afternoon!

So I completed the Lacy Jacket that I began a few weeks back. I found the pattern at My intention was to have it done for my sister's wedding, but no such luck. It came out beautifully, even if I did go in my own direction in a few places. I dislike when a pattern writer asumes that people know how to do specific combo stitches they put in there. This one tells you to base chain single crochet- I had to look that one up. Then it calls for a shell stitch. Well, I know what one is, but they come in different sizes. This pattern does not tell you how many double crochets to do. It seems that after you complete the final stich, they are calling for a 4 double crochet shell, but then they say they want you to have a chain space in the top- no sense. So, how did I do it? I made a 5 double crochet shell, using the odd number to create a middle stich  for the next row to latch onto. This seemed to come out quite nicely. I'll post a picture later today.

One of the nice things about crochet is that it's more like cooking rather than baking in that you can doctor up the pattern or settle on "that'll do". One little tip is to tighten up edges by doing one less chain at the beginging of a row. For example, if your row calls for chain 3=a double crochet, then you can do a chain 2 instead to make a tighter look to your edges.

Happy crafting !

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi! Welcome to Arts, Crafts, Etc.! My name is Jessica and I hope to have great conversations with you about all sorts of topics! I have enjoyed doing projects since I was a child, and I continue to do them on my own as well as with children. I have an extensive background working with children at camps, after-school programs, in school, and in therapy. I have seen the positive impact arts and crafts can have on children and adults alike. I hope to share my passion for The Arts as I am a musician as well as an avid crafter. I have family involved in painting, drawing, photography, dancing, micro brewing, knitting, and sewing/dress making. I plan to share their experiences and links to their sites as part of a features section. Arts and Crafts keep the creative juices flowing and bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to those who engage in them. I look forward to your input and feedback as well! Happy crafting!