Monday, October 28, 2013

Good afternoon!

So I completed the Lacy Jacket that I began a few weeks back. I found the pattern at My intention was to have it done for my sister's wedding, but no such luck. It came out beautifully, even if I did go in my own direction in a few places. I dislike when a pattern writer asumes that people know how to do specific combo stitches they put in there. This one tells you to base chain single crochet- I had to look that one up. Then it calls for a shell stitch. Well, I know what one is, but they come in different sizes. This pattern does not tell you how many double crochets to do. It seems that after you complete the final stich, they are calling for a 4 double crochet shell, but then they say they want you to have a chain space in the top- no sense. So, how did I do it? I made a 5 double crochet shell, using the odd number to create a middle stich  for the next row to latch onto. This seemed to come out quite nicely. I'll post a picture later today.

One of the nice things about crochet is that it's more like cooking rather than baking in that you can doctor up the pattern or settle on "that'll do". One little tip is to tighten up edges by doing one less chain at the beginging of a row. For example, if your row calls for chain 3=a double crochet, then you can do a chain 2 instead to make a tighter look to your edges.

Happy crafting !

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