Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hi! Welcome to Arts, Crafts, Etc.! My name is Jessica and I hope to have great conversations with you about all sorts of topics! I have enjoyed doing projects since I was a child, and I continue to do them on my own as well as with children. I have an extensive background working with children at camps, after-school programs, in school, and in therapy. I have seen the positive impact arts and crafts can have on children and adults alike. I hope to share my passion for The Arts as I am a musician as well as an avid crafter. I have family involved in painting, drawing, photography, dancing, micro brewing, knitting, and sewing/dress making. I plan to share their experiences and links to their sites as part of a features section. Arts and Crafts keep the creative juices flowing and bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to those who engage in them. I look forward to your input and feedback as well! Happy crafting!

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