Monday, November 25, 2013

OK, so I said that I would post the pattern I used and doctored for an ear warmer that fits over a ball cap, so here it is:

Ball Cap Ear Warmer

G or H hook
When using Simply Soft yarn or similar yarn, I felt 13 stitches for the split rows was enough to fit over the brim of a ball cap.

Remember: if you want to increase or decrease the opening for the brim of the ball cap, always do an ODD number of rows so you can do the joining row so it stays in the pattern for the BLO.

Also, a great way to determine if you need to increase or decrease the number of full rows to do before and after the split rows is to measure the baseball cap that fits the person you are making it for. You want the opening to stretch, but the rest of the ear warmer should fit, but not be stretched out.

Abbreviations: ch= chain    sc= single crochet    st= stitch   sl st= slip stitch
BLO= back loop only   FO= finish off


Ch 17

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across. ch 1, turn (16sc)

Row 2-22: Sc in BLO in each sc across, ch1, turn. DO NOT FO!

For split rows:

Row 23: Sc in BLO in next 10 sc, ch1, turn

Rows 24-36 Sc in BLO in next 10 sc, ch1, turn.

Row 37: Sc in BLO in next 10 sc then FO.

Go back to Row 23: attach yarn in BLO in the 11th stitch and sc in the same stitch and the next 5, in the BLO, so that you are continuing the same pattern in that row. Ch1 and turn.

Continue the pattern as before, only in sts 11-16

Row 38: Sc in BLO of all the sc in order to join the split rows. Ch1, turn (16 sc)

Rows 39-60: Sc in BLO in each sc across, ch 1, turn.

Sc, sl st, or sew ends together.

The ear warmer on the ball cap is made with Simply Soft. The black one is my first attempt and was made with Homespun. I crocheted an R on the front by ataching with a sl st at the bottom, ch 3, attach w/sl st, ch 3 attach w/ sl st., turn, chain 2, attach w' sl st, ch 2, attach w/ sl st, ch 3, attach w/ sl st & FO. pull through to other side and tie ends and weave in.You can do a similar pattern to make any letter- just figure out the shape as you go. Make the letter bigger by adding more chains between each sl st. This is such an easy way to do monograms!

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