Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recent projects

Hi there!

I've been quite busy! I made a couple of ear warmer headbands for  a person to wear over a ballcap. The pattern I used seemed to need a few alterations, so I will post the pics and the altered pattern at another time.

I also found the most cute pattern for adding a crochet beard to a hat. OMG!!! I made a size small and I started a medium last night. The pictures are so funny!!! Here's the link for the pattern:

I've decided to make some for family as a gag gift. They are soo easy to make, and for anyone, it can be a fun and warm addition to any hat. I was thinking of making them detachable by adding buttons or velcro. I'll update you on what I did, and of course, take pics!!!

As for the hats, I was thinking of making some on the knitting looms and adding stripes with the yarn I used for the beards. OH, I didn't want to spend $4+ for the Vanna Glamour, plus the store didn't have the color I wanted. Vanna Glamour is a 2 weight, and I had a hard time finding other yarns of the same weight at AC Moore. I finally found a bag of mill ends that was the color I wanted and a simmilar weight (they aren't listed, so I had to eyeball it) It seems to have paid off! I have enough yarn for many beards and to add stripes to hats, and it cost me $6.99. Sometimes, AC Moore and Michael's Crafts with sell mill ends and you can guess what brand they probably came from, such as Simply Soft or Lily & Cream. They sometimes even do a deal for the mill ends, so I love to buy these 1 lb bags when they go on sale for 2 for $10. I wanted to get this project done, so I bought it at the regular price, but still, a pound for $6.99 is still a great deal!!!

Well, lunch break is over, so I'll be adding to this later this evning or tomorrow so you can have some pics and that pattern for the earwarmer.

Happy crafting!

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